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  • First Round

    15 September – 30 November 2023

  • Workshops

    October – November 2023

  • End of the First Round

    30 November 2023

  • SOI Day

    13 January 2024

  • Training Camp in Sarnen

    10 – 17 February 2024

  • Second Round

    9 – 10 March 2024

  • Finals

    16 – 17 and 24 – 25 May 2024

  • CEOI in Czech Republic

    23 – 29 June 2024

  • EGOI in the Netherlands

    21 – 27 July 2024

  • IOI in Egypt

    1 – 8 September 2024

First Round

Solve the tasks of the first round on your computer at home!

Pick your favourite programming language and solve the tasks of the first round online.

Tasks for the contest 2024

The first round is conducted online. It starts on 15 September 2023 and ends on 30 November 2023. Everyone who satisfies the conditions of participations can participate. There are two categories: junior and regular. If you can participate this year and the following two more years, you are eligible for the junior round. The five tasks are chosen to promote creativity and good ideas – prior knowledge in programming and algorithms is useful, but not required.


Johannes' lecture about graphs

The graph lecture during the workshops.

Main page for the workshops

The workshops teach you everything you need to know to the tasks of the first round. You’ll learn about C++ and algorithmic problem solving. The workshops can be attended free of charge. No matter how much background knowledge you have, you will certainly benefit.

End of the First Round

Image of the prize winners of the first round.

The winners of the first round of SOI 2022

The first round ends on November 30, but SOI just started: the 2H round opens which will prepare you for the next round and the camp.

We will correct the non-feedback tasks and invite the camp participants in early December. The official results are revealed during SOI day.


Creativity task tournament at SOI Day 2018

The SOI Day is an event in Zurich that will take place in January 2023, during which the results and awards of the first round will be published. Finally, there will be gripping speeches on topics of computer science.

Sarnen Camp

Camp Grouppicture

Group picture in 2023 in Sarnen

The Sarnen camp is a week-long training camp for top 16 participants from the regular round, the top 8 participants of the junior round and some guest countries. There are lectures, practice tasks and training contests, but there is also ample time to meet the other participants and have lots of fun.

Second Round

All participants of the first round which qualify for the SOI-camp also qualify for the second round. Participation at the camp is not mandatory for participation in the second round.

The second round consists of two parts:

  • 2P (800pts, practical): Two practical exams of 5 hours each.
  • 2H (200pts, homework): solve some full-feedback training tasks starting from December 1st


SOI Finals 2022 gold medalists

The winners of the finals in 2022

The top 12 participants of the second round are invited to the final round in Bern and Zürich. Additionally, wild cards can be given, usually there are 15 finalists in total. During the final round there are four practical programming contests that are held on two times two days in Bern and Zürich. In the finals and at IOI, you will not be allowed to use any language other than C++ or Python to solve the tasks.


Von links nach rechts: Josia John, Linus Lüchinger, Elias Bauer, Jasmin Studer

The Swiss delegation at CEOI 2022 in Varaždin

The CEOI, the Central European Olympiad in informatics, is similar in style to the IOI. While smaller in scale, getting a medal is usually more difficult than at IOI.


EGOI team cheering

The Swiss delegation at the EGOI 2022 in Antalya

EGOI 2024

The EGOI, the European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics, is a competition where countries from all over Europe send their best female participants. The first edition was held in 2021 in Zurich. The best four female participants at the second round of this year’s Swiss Olympiad in Informatics will make up the Swiss team at EGOI.


Swiss team at IOI 2019 after the medal ceremony

Two bronze medals for Switzerland at IOI 2019 in Baku

IOI 2024

Over 80 nations send their 4 best students to compete in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). The IOI is the most important, but not the only international event where the best participants of the SOI can meet, exchange and compete with other teenagers.

See full agenda for a list of all dates.

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