Awareness Team

Welcome to the website of the Awareness Team.
Here you will find support if you are confronted with problems or conflicts related to SOI. Whether it is about your stress, a conflict with another participant/leader, a transgression or an unpleasant situation, we are here for you!
We will always do our best to take care of any worries you might have. Of course, all information will be treated confidentially.
In any case, do not hesitate to contact us:

We will always be available to help you if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. This can range from personal concerns, such as pressure to perform, to conflicts and tensions with both other participants and leaders. In case of any kind of discrimination or violation of your personal boundaries, we will support you and take appropriate measures.
Of course, we will treat your matters confidentially and will not pass on your information to third parties. There is always the possibility to seek help from professional services with your agreement.
We regularly attend further training courses organised by the WO, the umbrella organisation of the Swiss Science Olympiads, where we are instructed on how to deal with difficult situations such that we can act in the best possible way in any situation.
We take time for you and want everyone at SOI to feel properly treated and to be able to fully enjoy their participation in the competitions!

Bibin Muttappillil Fabian Haller Timon Stampfli Priska Steinebrunner

Bibin Muttappillil
Fabian Haller
Timon Stampfli
Priska Steinebrunner