First Round 2014 Results

The rankings of the first round 2014 are available.

Daniel Graf

Congratulations to all participants who qualified for the second round or even our training camp in Davos.

We had a SOI day full of interesting talks, an intense ‘cops and robbers’ tournament and some great prizes.

Find out more in our press release and take a look at the picture gallery.

Results First Round

The following participants qualified for round 2:

Rank Participant Points (max: 60)
Fabian Lyck 50
Timon Stampfli 48
Luca Mondada 40.5
Raphael Fischer 38.5
Ian Boschung 37
Benjamin Schmid 37
Kasimir Tanner 33
Joël Mathys 27
Lorenz Widmer 25.5
Elias Boschung 22
Zheng Chen Man 22
Mugeeb Al-Rahman Hassan 21.5
Kevin De Keyser 21.5
Michael Moerschell 20
Jonas Gude 19.5
Noah Menzi 18
Raphael Husistein 13
Vincent Pasquier 13
Marcel Würsten 11.5
Gua Hao Khov  
Ruben Jungius  
Coralie Busse-Grawitz  
Sandro Lutz  
Hanna Müller  
Miro Haller  
Damian Berwert  
Tim Matter  
Jonas Anderhalden  
Mihajlo Djokic