Girls Camp

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics is organizing events specifically for girls. Register now!

Yunshu Ouyang

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics organizes this year some girls only events.

The starting event is a one week trainingscamp for girls this summer from 13.09.2021 - 18.09.2021. The camp is open to female students from Swiss schools that are eligible for SOI. During one week we will take a look at some interesting topics from algorithmic and we will also learn how to implement them. Besides interesting lectures there will be enough time to get to know other interested girls from all over Switzerland. The camp is suitable for all experience levels, including complete beginners. The camp is free of charge for you, all expenses (including travel) are covered by our sponsors. Most schools support such events and will grant a leave. You can register here .

If you want to know how the camp will be, check last year’s report .

If you have any further questions about one of the events or about the Olympiad in general feel free to ask us. Just contact us at