Medal Ceremony SOI 2016

After 20 contest hours, the teams for IOI and CEOI 2016 were announced!

Daniel Graf

The winners of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics were announced after 20 hours of sophisticated contest on Saturday evening.

Daniel Rutschmann from Andelfingen (Kantonsschule im Lee, ZH), Stefanie Zbinden from Glarus (Kantonsschule Glarus, GL), Pascal Sommer from Ittigen (Gymnasium Hofwil, BE) and Joël Mathys from Hünenberg See (Kantonsschule Zug, ZG) recieved gold medals. They have shown their skills over the last few months and have won many contests against their opponents from all of Switzerland and are therefore qualified to go to the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2016 in Kazan (Russia).


The final ranking is as follows:


First Name Name School Canton
Daniel Rutschmann Kantonsschule im Lee ZH
Stefanie Zbinden Kantonsschule Glarus GL
Pascal Sommer Gymnasium Hofwil BE
Joel Mathys Kantonsschule Zug ZG


First Name Name School Canton
Ian Boschung Collège St. Michel FR
Kevin De Keyser Kantonsschule Sursee LU
Robin Hänni Gymnasium Neufeld BE
Jan Schär Kantonsschule Olten SO


First Name Name School Canton
Florian Gatignon Collège de Saussure GE
Lukas Baege Kantonsschule im Lee ZH
Kasimir Tanner Collège St. Michel FR
Sandro Rüegge Kantonsschule im Lee ZH