Prof. Dr. Donald Knuth at the SOI-Day

The lecture «All Questions Answered» of Prof. Dr. Donald Knuth at the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics Day on the 14th of January 2012 attracted a broad audience.

Daniel Wolleb-Graf

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Results First Round

The following participants qualified for round 2:

Rank Participant Points (max: 60)
Johannes Kapfhammer 47.5
André Ryser 47
Peter Müller 43.5
Lukas Roth 31.5
Janis Peyer 30.5
Marco Keller 26.5
Michael Baumann 26
Cyrill Künzi 24.5
Ulrich Brodowsky 23.5
Cedric Münger 23.5
Cédric Neukom 23
Benjamin Schmid 22
Sammy Jäger 21.5
Livio Ciorciaro 21
Dimitri Wessels 21
Ramon Aerne 20
Alexander Kayed 18.5
Timon Stampfli 15
Patrick Eigensatz 15
Michael Aerni 15
Florian Wernli 14.5
Nicolas Da Mutten 14
Valentin Hartmann 13.5
Florian Eigenmann 12.5
Köbi Meier 12.5
Lorenz Brun 12
Filip Vucelic  
Christian Schäpper  
Cedric Tompkin  

For the first round of the SOI 2012 we have prepared 6 tricky tasks. There are different kinds of tasks. Three of the tasks are practical tasks: You are asked to write a complete program that solves those tasks and submit the source code. For the two theoretical tasks, the focus is on mathematical aspects that are analyzed by the means of logical considerations in order to develop and write down a detailed solution. The last tasks is a creativity task that asks you to create a program that can interactively compete against the programs of other participants. The task is chosen such that it cannot be solved optimally. But note that even a simple solution scores points.