Results Finals 2019

The results of the finals 2019 are in and the teams for IOI and CEOI have been decided.

Johannes Kapfhammer

The finals of SOI 2019 have come to the end. The first week-end was held from May 17–18 at Siemens Mobility, the second week-end on May 24–25 at the university of Bern. After 20 hours of contest, the results are in. We congratulate all of the participants for their strong performance!


Name School Kanton
Nicolas Camenisch Kantonsschule Wettingen AG
Joël Huber Kantonsschule Freudenberg ZH
Valentin Imbach Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Rämibühl ZH
Christopher Burckhardt Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Rämibühl ZH


Tobias Feigenwinter Kantonsschule Schüpfheim LU
Tim Frey Gymnasium Neufeld BE
Micha Buri Gymnasium Kirchenfeld BE
Jijingru Yang Gymnasium Neufeld BE


Kunyang Wu Schweizer Alpine Mittelschule Davos GR
David Jenny Kantonsschule Sargans SG
Ema Skottova Gymnasium Kirchenfeld BE
Rada Kamysheva Schweizer Alpine Mittelschule Davos GR


For the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) from August 4–11 in Baku, Azerbaijan, the team consists of Nicolas Camenisch, Joël Huber, Valentin Imbach and Christopher Burckhardt. A spot in the delegation of the CEOI (central European Olympiad in Informatics) from 23.–29. Juli in Bratislava, Slovakia goes to Nicolas Camenisch, Joël Huber, Tobias Feigenwinter and Ema Skottova.