Ranking of the second round 2016!

The finalists of SOI 2016 have been found!

Daniel Graf

Your submissions and exams for the second round are now all graded. If you log in you can see your scores, some feedback and the ranking: Ranking of the second round of SOI 2016

If you are among the first twelve lucky ones: Congratulations! You just qualified for the finals of SOI 2016! In case you did not make it this time: Don’t worry - the tasks were tricky and the competition was tough. You all showed off your great skills and can be proud of your results.

The finals will take place on two weekends (Friday and Saturdays). On April 8/9 at Credit Suisse in Zurich and on April 22/23 at the University of Berne. Detailed information will follow. The medal ceremony will take place on Saturday April 23 at 16.00 at the University of Berne and you are all invited - also if you did not qualify for the finals.

We are looking forward to see you all again at HC2, at the finals or at SOI 2017. We hope you liked our tasks. If you have any feedback or questions, let us know.