Results Finals 2021

The results of the finals 2021 are in and the teams for IOI and CEOI have been decided.

Johannes Kapfhammer

The finals of SOI 2021 have come to the end. The 15 participants competed in two two-day contests. All the competions days took place at the University of Bern this year, to which we would like to express a special thanks. We congratulate all of the participants for their strong performance! After 20 hours of contest, the results are in and the teams for IOI and CEOI 2021 are fixed.

Rank Name School Canton
1 (Gold) Joël Benjamin Huber Gymnasium Freudenberg ZH
2 (Gold) Ema Skottova Gymnasium Kirchenfeld BE
3 (Gold) Alberts Reisons Collège André-Chavanne GE
4 (Gold) Josia John Kantonsschule im Lee ZH
5 (Silver) Caspar Schucan Gymnasium Kirchenfeld BE
6 (Silver) Lukas Münzel Gymnasium Bäumlihof BS
7 (Silver) Pascal Gamma Kantonsschule Wattwil SG
8 (Silver) Priska Steinebrunner Alte Kantonsschule Aarau AG
9 (Bronze) Jasmin Studer Gymnasium Lerbermatt BE
10 (Bronze) Joey Rabil Kantonsschule Zug ZG
11 (Bronze) Ferdinand Ornskov Kantonsschule Zug ZG
12 (Bronze) Michal Nieborek Gymnase de Burier VD
13 Mathieu Zufferey Lycée-Collège de la Planta VS
14 Michael Mösch Alte Kantonsschule Aarau AG
15 Tejas Krishnan International School Basel BL


For the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) from 20.–27. June 2021, taking place online this year, the team consists of Joël Huber, Ema Skottova, Alberts Reisons und Josia John. A spot in the delegation of the CEOI (Central European Olympiad in Informatics) in Kroatia goes to Josia John, Lukas Münzel, Pascal Gamma and Priska Steinebrunner.