Second Round 2019

On March 9th and between March 14th and 17th the second round will take place. Twelve participants will be invited for the finals.

Yunshu Ouyang

We are awaiting two exciting week ends that will decide on who will go to the finals. Out of the second round, twelve participants will qualify for the final round, and four of those participants are invited to attend a training camp in Slovakia.

The second round consists of three parts, a theoretical exam (2T), a practical exam (2P) and a homework round (2H).

The theoretical part will take place Saturday 9th March 2019. In this exam, there will be four tasks which need to be solved on paper, for a total of 400 points. This exam will take place at the same time both in ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne.

The practical exam will be done at home. You have 5 hours to program 4 tasks, again with a maximum score of 400 points. You can start whenever you want between Thursday 14th March and Monday 17th March.

The homework round serves as practice for the two other exams, with a maximum of 200 points that you can earn.

Good luck to all of you for the second round!