Bring your friends, earn chocolate!

For each new participant that you bring to SOI, we say thank you with chocolate.

Daniel Wolleb-Graf

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics is a great thing, but unfortunately not as well known across Switzerland as we would like. To motivate you to convince all your friends of participating in the remaining weeks, we start with a new reward system today: Each one of you who motivates a friend to participate in our first round will get a chocolate stick called “Prügeli” (also called “Brancheli” or “Schoggistängeli”) by mail.

And that’s not all! You don’t just get one Prügeli for each new participant, but also half of their Prügeli added on top of that. So if you convince someone who again convinces for more participants, you will get 1+42=31 + \frac{4}{2} = 3 Prügeli.

You can find all the details here.