SOI 2010 - Final Spurt

Die SOI 2010 ist schon fast vorüber und während ich das hier schreibe, sitzen die Teilnehmer der Finalrunde der SOI 2010 an ihrem letzten von vier fünfstündigen Contest.

Sandro Feuz

The SOI 2010 is approaching its end. Right now, as I am writing this, the participants of the SOI 2010 finals are sitting on the last of the four five-hour long contests.

After the contest ends, we are going to honor people which have achieved great things for SOI and there will also be announcment of the winners of the SOI 2010 Finals including the awarding of the medals. This event will take place at IBM/itpoint on the Altstetterstrasse 124 in 8048 Zurich-Altstetten at 16:00. It is open to the public and we especially inivite all parents, friends and colleagues of the participants to come and join us. We’re also looking forward to our guests of honor from ETH and our supporting partners, who will award the medals to the winners.

After the announcment of the rankings all participants of the SOI 2010 and our honor guests are kindly invited to a dinner.