SOI 2010 kick off - code your way to Canada!

SOI 2010 starts now - tasks online!

Sandro Feuz

The tasks of the first round of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics 2010 are online. Young computer enthusiasts can show their programming skills until November 30th and exchange their ideas with others. If you are amongst the best participants, you can win prizes, a spot in our training camp in Davos or even a ticket to the International Olympiad in Informatics 2010 held in Waterloo, Canada. To participate, sign up for an account on this webpage and submit your solutions until the end of November. Make sure to check out the rules and general information about SOI. Have fun solving the tasks!

All participants have to fulfill the following rules:

  • You can participate if you have been born on 1. July 1990 or later and you are enrolled at a swiss school (high-school, vocational school, etc) located in Switzerland during the period September to December 2009.
  • To participate, you need to register at the web page of SOI and set your status to Participant
  • You must participate under your own name.
  • We strongly encourage you to study from books and internet and exchange ideas with friends but do not copy any solutions (neither sourcecode nor the description) from these sources.
  • Solve the tasks on your own.

Deadline Practical and Theoretical Track : Monday, 30th of November 2009 at midnight Deadline Creativity Task : Monday, 7th of December 2009 at midnight