Contest Year 2018

Audience SOI day 16
  • The first round: Everyone who satisfies the conditions of participations (see below), can participate in the first round and solve the tasks online from home. The first round starts on October 1st 2017 and ends on November 30st 2017. The six tasks are chosen to promote creativity and good ideas – prior knowledge in programming and algorithms is useful, but not required.
  • SOI Day: The SOI day on January 6, 2018 is an event in Zürich during which the results of the first round will be published. Furthermore, the tourney to find the winner of the creativity task will take place at SOI day. Finally, there will be gripping speeches on topics of Computer Science.
  • Ftan Training Camp: The top 20 and four selected participants of the first round qualify for participation in the training camp in Ftan, where participants train on selected IOI-like tasks and visit interesting lectures. In the camp you meet other participants and you have a lot of fun (see pictures).
  • The second round: The best participants of the first round qualify for the second round. Participation in the Davos Camp is not mandatory for participation in the second round. The second round consists of two parts: There is an online contest, where you may solve four practical tasks in C, C++, Pascal und Python inside a time frame of 5 hours as well as a theoretical exam that takes place on-site in Zürich.
  • The final round: The top 10 participants of the second round together with two selected by us are invited to the final round in Bern and Zürich. During the final round there are four practical programming contests that are held on two weekends in Bern and Zürich. In the finals and at IOI, you will not be allowed to use any language other than C, C++ or Pascal to solve the tasks.

The four best programmers from the final round travel to Japan to compete at the IOI 2018.

During the year there are often further opportunities: In the past the SOI sent the top participants of the Ftan Camp to a programming contest in Romania and the top four participants of the second round could participate in a training camp organized by the Slovak Olympiad in Informatics.

Detailed agenda