Round 2H: Home work tasks

The homework part (2H) is a part of the second round. It consists of 12 Tasks, each of which is worth 20 points. You can gain a maximum of 200 points for the second round (this means that don’t need to solve all tasks to get maximum a boost).

You have time to solve the tasks at home between the end of the first round and the end of the practical part of the second round 2P. You can find the tasks starting December 1st here. Only C++ and Python are allowed. We recommend solving the tasks using C++ as Python will not be allowed at IOI.

The task statements consist of two parts: The first part explains an algorithm. The explained algorithm is a fundamental algorithm that is useful to solve many different tasks of our Olympiad. In the second part of the task statement, a task about that algorithm is given. To solve the task all you need to do is to apply the algorithm to that task. Therefore, this homework round is, unlike the other rounds of the competition, not about finding a solution to some task, but about correctly implementing a standard algorithm. For participants that will go to the SOI-camp, 2H is a good preparation. For the other participants, it’s a good chance to gain some experience and to prepare for the other parts of the second round.

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