Workshops 2017

Samuel at workshops

The SOI workshops 2017 already took place successfully. Our next workshops will take place in fall 2018. You can find all the material, cheat sheets and tasks of the workshops here:

Workshop Material

Learn the SOI basics at EPF Lausanne, Uni Bern or ETH Zürich. Register now!

We invite you to our three workshop-weekends for the first round. They are the ideal opportunity to get started with the first round of the SOI.

The workshops are aimed at beginners. There will be lectures and practical exercises at the computer where you can try out what you learned in your own code and can ask questions if something does not work.

Coding at our workshops


The workshops will be held on these three weekends:

  • Saturday, 14.10.2017 9.20h – Sunday, 15.10.2017 17.00h at EPF Lausanne (with 1 stay at the Youth Hostel Lausanne)
  • Friday, 20.10.2017 9.00h – 18.00h, Uni Bern (without overnight stay)
  • Friday, 3.11.2017 9.00h – Sunday, 5.11.2017 17.00h at ETH Zürich (with 2 stays at the Youth Hostel Zurich)

You can also register for multiple workshops, if you want!

Daniel at the Workshops


On all three weekends, we will be able to speak in German, French and English with you. In Lausanne the lectures will be in English and partially in French. In Berne and Zurich, we will teach in German.

We teach in Python this year (Python 3 to be precise). We expect that you already have some basic knowledge in Python or in any other programming language (like Java or C++). If you have never programmed before, we recommend that you read through this Python tutorial before the workshop. So we expect that you already have some minimal programming knowledge but did not solve any task of the olympiad in informatics before. On a free afternoon, you can easily learn all you need to be ready (more info on our training page). If you already have a lot of prior knowledge, don’t worry - we will also have plenty of tricky tasks ready for you!

SOI participants at their training session

Topics covered

Day 1 (at all three workshosp)

  • Introduction to algorithms and solving problems using python
  • Basic data structures: array, stack, queue, dictionaries, sets, priority queues

Day 2 (only at EPFL and ETH Zurich)

  • Graph theory: breadth first search (BFS), depth first search (DFS), and their applications

Day 3 (only at ETH Zurich)

  • Dynamic programming: subset sum, Floyd Warshall
  • Greedy algorithms

Evening programme

Besides the lectures and tons of time for coding and solving problems, we will also have some quizzes and card games prepared for the evenings. In Zurich we will do a scavenger hunt across the city.

See the full schedules here

Joel at the workshops

Bring along

If possible, you should bring your own Laptop and install python. You will receive detailed instructions after registration.

Food, accommodation, costs

We will eat lunch on campus. Breakfast and dinner are in the Youth Hostel. Snacks and drinks will be ready.

Thanks to our support partners, the SOI will cover all costs for food and youth hostel, and traveling costs are refunded to half rate.



Interested? Then please fill in the registration form:

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Preferably today, since participant numbers are limited, and we will consider registrations by order of registration date.

Am besten noch heute, denn die Teilnehmerzahl ist beschränkt, und wir werden die Anmeldungen in der Reihenfolge des Anmeldedatums berücksichtigen.

For questions we are available on

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zurich, Lausanne or Bern!