VSCode for SOI

Written by Timon Stampfli.

Visual Studio Code, short VSCode, is a lightweight but powerful source code editor that comes with many extensions.

This article shows you how to install VSCode and how to set it up for the workshops.

Download VSCode

VSCode runs on all major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS). The installer can be downloaded here: https://code.visualstudio.com/download

On Linux systems also have a look at this: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/linux

Install a C++ Compiler

Linux:Install the package build-essential and gdb on Ubuntu or Debian. On other distributions, make sure you have installed g++ (Version at least 7) and gdb.
Apple:First, you should test whether you have clang installed: Enter clang --version on the commandline. If you haven’t installed it, enter xcode-select --install.
Windows:You don’t need to do anything, the SOI VSCode Extension comes with everything you need.

Install the SOI VSCode extension


Extensions Sidebar Icon

  1. Start VSCode
  2. Open the extensions sidebar, see image to the right.
  3. Search for the SOICode extension and install it
  4. (Optional, for more privacy) Deactivate telemetry
    • Open the settings with (menubar) File → Preferences → Settings
    • Search for “telemetry”
    • Remove the checkmarks from all the checkboxes

Now you’re ready to go!