First Round 2020/2021 is over

The first round has ended. What's up next?

Johannes Kapfhammer

Since the launch of the contest on September 15, we had over 200 participants in our first round. This is a new record number of participants, so thank you all for participating. We hope you enjoyed the tasks!

What are the next steps?

  1. From December 1st until the end of the practical part of the second round, we have our Round 2H (Grader). You can get 200 from a total of 1000 points of the second round by solving the 2H tasks at home.
  2. We will correct your submissions and invite 24 participants into our SOI camp in Sarnen. You can expect a mail in two weeks whether you’ve been selected. We’ll also provide a workshop to cover the basics before the camp, details for that will be written latter by mail.
  3. In January, we’ll have the SOI Day, in which we publish the results of the first round, present master solutions and have interesting talks. There will be an invitation later by mail and in this blog.
  4. Our second round takes place in two parts (plus the round 2H), one theoretical and one practical. The dates will be announced very soon. Those exams will take place on two weekends in March.
  5. To enjoy the advent with relaxing tasks, you can solve daily problems at the Advent of Code. The tasks are slightly easier than those at SOI. If you want, you can join our private leaderboard under the code 657351-f7608820.