SOI-Day will be on January 17 in Zurich. Everybody is welcome, whether you participate in this years SOI or not. So keep this date free and tell all your mates, family, … to do so as well.

4th Swiss Scientific Olympiads Day

At the fourth Swiss Scientific Olympiads Day, participants, friends and supporters of the scientific Olympiads will meet along with persons with an economical or political background, to share their view on special moments during the five Swiss Scientific Olympiads held in 2008.

Halbzeit bei den SOI Finals

Nach über 100 Stunden in Contest ähnlicher Umgebung werden am Samstag, den 24. Mai 2008 in Zürich die 12 besten Teilnehmenden der Schweizer Informatik-Olympi­ade mit Medaillen ausgezeichnet.